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AAA Delivery Service LLC N236

Welcome to AAA Delivery Service – Your Logistics Partner in NTsuites. At AAA Delivery Service, we are thrilled to call NTsuites our home. Nestled in the heart of North Richland Hills, our office space serves as the hub for exceptional logistics and lasting value. About Us: Exceptional Logistics, Lasting Value! AAAs Commitment to Communities and Customers is not just a slogan; its the core of our identity. We pride ourselves on being: • Customer-Obsessed: Understanding and exceeding your delivery needs. • People-Led: Fostering a vibrant and energized work culture. • Innovation-Driven: Embracing cutting-edge technology for a seamless experience. • Committed to Quality: Exceeding industry standards in every delivery. Our Journey: From our origins as AC Express in 1995 to our rebranding as AAA Delivery Service, our commitment to fast, efficient, and reliable deliveries has made us a reputable service provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Your Logistics Partner: Our mission is to deliver exceptional logistics solutions that drive competitive advantages and sustained value for our customers. We are driven by core values of Integrity, Leadership, Commitment, Excellence, Safety, and Professionalism. Advantages of Partnering with AAA: Our office at [Building Name] is more than a location; its a symbol of reliability, customer focus, and technological advancement. Heres what sets us apart: • Reliability: On-time deliveries, ensuring your packages reach their destination safely. • Customer Focus: Your needs are our top priority, and we go the extra mile for your satisfaction. • Professionalism: Our dedicated team of couriers and staff ensures a high standard of service. Meet Our Executive Team: Our founders and executive team bring a wealth of experience to the table: • Roger Sepulveda: Founder & Chief Executive Officer • Melody Reyna: Chief Financial Officer • Ben Martinez: Chief Technology Officer • Ashley Leary: Chief Marketing Officer • Jordan Kingcaid: Director of Marketing • Leticia Gonzalez: Director Of People Operations • Ponciano Gonzalez: Director of Supply Chain Operations • Joshua Sepulveda: Director Of Logistics Get in Touch: Whether you

AAA Delivery Service N236




NTsuites NRH

8813 N Tarrant Pkwy, North Richland Hills, TX 76182, USA

Roger Sepulveda, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AAA Delivery Service Welcome to the dynamic world of logistics innovation, where I, Roger Sepulveda, proudly steer the helm as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AAA Delivery Service. Since our inception in 1995, Ive been on a relentless journey to shape our company from its roots as AC Express to the vibrant and customer-centric force that is AAA Delivery Service today. My Journey: Over the years, Ive witnessed the remarkable growth of our company, fueled by an unwavering commitment to fast, efficient, and reliable deliveries. The transformative rebranding from AC Express to AAA Delivery Service marked a pivotal phase, reflecting our core principles of Customer Obsession, a People-Led approach, and an unyielding commitment to Innovation. Commitment to Excellence: My passion lies in crafting exceptional logistics solutions, and its this passion that drives AAAs mission. Upholding values of Integrity, Leadership, Commitment, Excellence, Safety, and Professionalism, we aim to deliver lasting value and competitive advantages for our valued customers. AAAs Differentiators: What sets AAA apart is our unwavering focus on: Customer Obsession: Understanding and exceeding our customers needs. People-Led Culture: Fostering an environment where energy and enthusiasm thrive. Innovation-Driven Approach: Embracing cutting-edge technology for seamless experiences. Quality Commitment: Exceeding industry standards in every facet of our operations. Join the Journey, As we redefine the landscape of delivery services and nurture a culture of innovation, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us on this extraordinary journey. AAA Delivery Service isnt just a company; its a testament to our commitment to reliability, customer focus, and technological advancement. Lets Connect, Whether youre a client, partner, or simply intrigued by our story, Im always open to conversations. Feel free to reach out, and lets explore the boundless possibilities that the world of logistics and delivery has to offer. Thank you for being an integral part of the AAA experience! Warm regards, Roger Sepulveda Founder & CEO, AAA Delivery Service (844)-222-0206